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Start Bitcoin mining and investing without the need of purchasing hardware. Simple solution for everyone. No need to setup mining rigs because they are already running for you. You only need to own bitcoin and setup an account with to start growing your coins.

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Welcome to BitGlobal

With the exponential growth of bitcoin acceptance and the continuous growth in client numbers, and with our ASIC global network, we introduce everyone to a new financial world!

Our mission and goal is to make mining more accessible to all users regardless of age, location, investment, technical knowledge or experience. We want to give our customers an opportunity to try out mining and earn bitcoin as reward. If you own a little bit of coins you can use our investment plans to increase their amount.

At a time when the global economy is registering a steady decline, Bitcoin offers a monetary alternative whose value does not diminish over time as fiat currencies do.

Why Choose Us

Instant payments

Time is money and because we put value in our client’s time, we offer instant withdrawals. Our members are paid within seconds.

Bank level security

Our client’s personal information is encrypted, transmitted and protected using the same technology that banks use.

Experienced business team

BitGlobal's team is composed of highly specialized field experts in financial services, technology, and cryptocurrencies.

24/7 Customer Support

We put customers at the center of our business and that’s why we provide fast and continuous support service.

Investment Plans

  • 0.12% Hourly Forever
  • 2.88% Daily Forever
  • Minimum - 0.001 BTC
  • Maximum - 1 BTC
  • Compounding: Yes
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  • 0.15% Hourly Forever
  • 3.6% Daily Forever
  • Minimum - 1.001 BTC
  • Maximum - 5 BTC
  • Compounding: Yes
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  • 0.2% Hourly Forever
  • 4.8% Daily Forever
  • Minimum - 5.001 BTC
  • Maximum - 10 BTC
  • Compounding: Yes
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  • 0.25% Hourly Forever
  • 6% Daily Forever
  • Minimum - 10.001 BTC
  • Maximum - 50 BTC
  • Compounding: Yes
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  • 0.35% Hourly Forever
  • 8.4% Daily Forever
  • Minimum - 50.001 BTC
  • Maximum - 300 BTC
  • Compounding: Yes
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U.K. Registered Company

In order to provide a financial service BitGlobal has passed the necessary procedure of registration in the United Kingdom. Check the company information on the website of Companies for England and Wales registrar – 10396233

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Security Status

Instant Withdrawals: ON
DDoS Protection: ON
Security Level: High
Days Online: 18
Visitors Online: 5

4% Affiliate Program

Earn 4% by referring others to the program. No deposit required to earn from the affiliate program.